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Maine Moose watching tours
Maine Moose watching tours

Celebrating 20 summers of guiding moosewatching!

Moose watching in the Rangeley area is a popular activity and photographing them where they live can be very exciting and rewarding.  The Rangeley and Eustis area is well known for its historic hunting and fishing. The vast tracks of forest offer some outstanding habitat for small and big game. 

Your Guide, Matt Tinker, has been featured in several magazines, TV and radio.  He was the 2012 World Moose Calling Champion runner-up and placed 3rd in the 2015 championships.  He has been guiding for 20 years and has discovered many different place to take you look for moose.  If you prefer an adventure by car or by foot, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

By car, we will cruise some of the logging roads that wind through the local mountains. Here we search for moose feeding in the different cuts while learning about moose and their habitat.

By foot we may walk through some remote areas where the moose live getting a close up look at their homes.  In addition, we have several small blinds  
built beside small beaver ponds, streams and clearings that we may visit.
Private trips are kept to a maximum of 5 people. 
Quick Trip moose search 2-4 hrs $150
6 hrs   $200
pricing for 1 to 5 people (example: 4ppl on trip = $37.50 each for 2-4hrs)

As far as canoeing or kayaking to see a moose, we could go to Flagstaff Lake or other popular moose areas. The chances of seeing a moose grazing on grass in the water is good although sometimes we do not get very close. We may also see other wildlife such as ducks, geese, loons or even a bald eagle on our paddling adventure.  Private trips are based on 3 people. 
*Visit my Canoeing and Kayaking page for more information.

Canoeing and kayaking
Up to 6 hrs  $200*


Generally, these trips are early in the morning starting around sunrise or late in the day near sunset.

All trips are based on your ability with day, multiple day and family adventures available.